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    Character Base Layout


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    Character Base Layout Empty Character Base Layout

    Post  Melantha on Sun May 13, 2012 7:21 am

    The following is exactly how you should layout your character request and what you should include;
    Please note: Anything in italics should be deleted when copying and pasting.

    Name: Full name of the character, first, middle if appropriate and surname.
    Sex: The characters gender.
    Age: Their exact age at time of post.
    Date of Birth: Their birth date.
    Race: If you want your character to be a human, werewolf, ghost, vampire, etc,
    Occupation: Good, evil, sacrifice (Present or Past) ,
    Residence: which kingdom, village, do they live at (yes you can make it up if not i'll have a post of different kingdoms, and villages there are.
    Desire: Their most deepest want.
    Fear: The thing they would be most scared of happening.

    Representation of your Roleplay Character:
    Non/Disney: Please state here the non/disney character that will represent your character in any videos created.

    The class or particular type of magic or combat your roleplay character is best at, their speciality or best-traits.

    Any flaws your character has personality-wise or anything they are particularly bad at, no flawless characters please.

    State here clearly the key personality traits of your character, describing them in a paragraph. Include any fetishes, extreme likes or dislikes here too.

    It should be stated here any key features of how the character appears; their figure, eye colour, any tatooes, make-up, hair, etc.

    This section should include any key details about the characters past.

    Video Audition:
    Insert the url for your video audition here.

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