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    Name: Rapunzel
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Date of Birth: July 25
    Race: human
    Occupation: Was working for the devil,but feel in love so now good
    Residence: The kingdom of Corona
    Desire: It was to have her family with her safely.
    Fear: To lose her all of her family/ friends
    Representation of your Roleplay Character:
    Non/Disney: Rapunzel from Tangled
    Specialty: Fighting and Drawing
    Limitations: Gullible and Cares to much
    Personality: She is a girl who cares to much about everyone. She likes to have a little fun in her life, but she doesn't like to drink to have fun. She can be a real bitch sometimes ,but it is only because she doesn't like to be tricked or proven wrong. She is really competitive ,but in a sneaky kind of way. She usually likes to look at the positive side unless it's a dangerous situation. She is very protective when it comes to her belongings. She gets very playful once you get to know her.
    Appearance: Longggg Blonde hair, with hazel eyes and freckles. She wears a purple dress, and usually has a weapon nearby her. No shoes.
    History:( I will put this up later)

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