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    Name: Melantha Katerina Bayard
    Sex: Female
    Age: 16 .
    Date of Birth: unknown at this point
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Sacrifice
    Residence: a small village outside of the kingdom of Resdayn
    Family: Twin sister --
    Mother -- Madison
    Father -- Nikolaus
    Desire: Finding peace, no more future Sacrifices, finding and saving her sister
    Fear: Loosing her sister

    Representation of your Roleplay Character:
    Ariel (black hair xD) from the little mermaid

    Melantha knows a little defense, enough to keep herself alive, she isn't as weak like the other Sacrifice's where.

    Has trust issues, Her kindness to help others in need.

    Personality: Confident, curious, kind, adventurous, bright, spirited, intrigued, headstrong, romantic, smart, stubborn, impulsive, brave, over-protective is what you might call Mel, she doesn't taking shit from anyone and they end up getting punched xD. Melantha loves her family to death and could do anything for them, caring for her twin even throw she sold her out.

    Melantha is strikingly beautiful and has an hourglass figure and fair immaculate silken skin. Her long flowing Black hair brightens up her sea blue eyes. You mostly find her wearing a white shirt with dark blue pants (for she's running from the Devil and his followers.)

    Born in a small village Melantha and her twin grew up in a loving family. Having lots of friends and people caring for them mel was a happy child

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