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    Name: Melantha Ann Rosemary
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Date of Birth: 10-18
    Occupation: Witch
    Residence: Town called, Silver water
    Family: Mother -- Emily
    Father -- Nikolaus
    Sister(s) -- Alice Lee Rosemary, Katherine Von Rosemary
    Desire: Unknown
    Fear: Loosing her family and her best friend (jim)

    Melantha Knows how to fight thanks to John Silver teaching Jim and Melantha how to fight at a young age. Never knowing when you'll have to protect yourself at any moment. She is all so a young powerful teenage witch knowing a lot a spells (Good & Evil) she never uses her powers for evil. She all so uses her charmes to get boys to do whatever she likes so she doesn't have to do it herself most of the time (Like cleaning and cooking.. Never for sex xD)

    Has Trust issues seeing that her family is a much of witches and people treat them very unkindly. Being in love with her best friend (Jim) for he was always there for her even when she never asked, He knew when she was down and tried to convert her. Picking on her best friend, calling him names. Saying his full name.

    Personality: Confident, curious, kind, adventurous, bright, spirited,
    intrigued, headstrong, romantic, smart, stubborn, impulsive, brave, over-protective is what you might call Mel, she doesn't taking shit from anyone and they end up getting punched xD. Melantha loves her family to death and could do anything for them.

    Melantha is strikingly beautiful and an hourglass figure and fair
    snow white skin. Her long flowing black hair brightens up her sea blue eyes.
    You mostly find her wearing a short black dress with pants under them

    History: Being the last girl born into the Rosemary Family, a powerful Witch family which was best known as the nice witches you'll ever meet. Melantha lived in a nice town called Silver water, there she grew up with James Hawkins or best known for as Jim. Their mother's are close friends and Sarah never judged Emily for being a witch knowing for a fact that Emily has never harmed anyone and makes potions to heal people. For years Melantha and Jim was stuck like glue always doing everything together until the day his father left home for another woman and he couldn't deal with the family he had. Heartbroken Jim changed ever since, Mel tried showing him that life is not all that bad but he couldn't lesson to her. Yet even to this day if Mel got hurt by someone because of what she is Jim always had her back but wouldn't let her return the fave. Unknown about what dangers was about to come for the two young teenagers, there was a goddess watching over their every move. Eris the Goddess of chaos, she wanted to end Mel's life for having owners unknown to her own! Mel could re-wright the hole world, the supernatural being able to walk freely without being afraid of humans anymore.

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