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    Post  Melantha on Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:27 pm

    Name: James Pleiades Hawkins, Jim for short.
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Date of Birth: 20th of
    Occupation: mechanic/captain in training
    Residence: Town called, Silver water
    Family: Mother -- Sarah Hawkins
    Father --
    Sibling(s) --
    Desire: to someday be Captain of the RSS Legacy - famous ship.
    Fear: Losing his family and best friend (Mel)


    Jim is known for his expertise in mechanics - whether that be fixing, inventing or improving anything to do with technology and vehicles. John Silver (his close friend) taught him and his best friend Mel to fight ever since they were young - in case they were faced with any dangerous situation. He is experienced in weaponry, knowing how to use any weapon, as well as the dynamics and types of weapons.

    Has trust and social issues due to his father abandoning his family when he was young. He struggles making friends and has a hard time keeping his cool. He gets agitated easily which causes him to get into fights, no matter how big or old the other person is. He is oblivious to Mel's romantic feelings for him, seeing her as just a friend (however this could change Wink) due to growing up with her.

    Personality: Jim is described as angsty, rebellious, adventurous, intelligent, stubborn, brave, over-protective, caring and guarded. Jim doesn't take crap from anyone, which often results in fights. He is often always caught breaking the rules which is a result of the miss-communication within his family.

    Jim is a very attractive teenager. He has dark brown hair, parted at his forehead with a rattail/ponytail in back. He has a slender/athletic build, with grey-blue eyes and a light scar just under his eye. He is often seen wearing a brown jacket, tan shirt and black/brown pants.

    History: James Hawkins, usually called Jim, was born into a loving family in the town of Silver Water. His mother Sarah and father Leland (apparently that was his name ;O) ran an inn titled the Benbow Inn, in which Jim would help with the chores. When Jim was around ten years old, his father was coming home later and later and started acting abusive and stranger-like around him and Sarah, before he finally abandoned them and their business for a younger woman. Heartbroken, Jim and Sarah struggled to keep the inn a float by themselves, but often received help from their old family friends Emily and Melantha, which helped them to keep their business open. Seven years has passed and Jim has grown into an attractive seventeen year old, but suffers from trust and social issues due to his father leaving - which led to him breaking the rules, being caught by the police, getting into fights with random strangers and becoming like a stranger to his mother. Although he still suffers from the traumatic event, his best childhood friend Melantha has always been with him to support him and look after him when he is in need. He feels very protective of her, due to growing up with her, and will always stand up for her when she is in need (when she is tormented for being a witch), but will not let her reciprocate this - he feels that he doesn't need to be looked after, he's a big boy XD. His increasingly isolated relationship from his mother has also had a negative effect, he feels that he is not good enough to be her son and this therefore impacts on his actions. He often takes solace in riding his solar surfer and fixing broken mechanical objects with John Silver. Or by hanging out with Mel - who is in love with him, but he doesn't know.
    What he is yet to know is that he and his friends will go on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

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