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    Name: James Pleiades Hawkins (Jim for short).
    Sex: Male.
    Age: 17
    Date of Birth: 6th of June.
    Race: Human.
    Occupation: 'half-evil' - he's unsure of his position, he doesn't like working for the devil.
    Residence: Hell?
    Desire: To leave 'hell', he hates working for Rasputin. To be rid of evil.
    Fear: Losing his brother.

    Representation of your Roleplay Character:
    Non/Disney: Jim Hawkins - from Treasure Planet

    Best at fighting - defense, attack, killing etc. Good at mechanics - fixing objects. Fast runner.

    Has trust issues, can get irritated quite easily, is a bit shy.

    Jim Hawkins is a quiet, easily-annoyed teenager. He has trust issues, due to not having parents & working for Rasputin. He only confides in and trusts his brother Flynn. Jim strongly dislikes people who lie and people who complain about their life - he has possibly had the worst upbringing. He really enjoys solitude, working on his board and exploring unknown terrain.

    He has grey-blue eyes, dark brown hair, a plaited pony-tail/rat-tail, quite attractive ( Wink ), athletic build, tanned skin. He is always seen in his green khaki pants, brown boots, tanned coloured shirt and sometimes his brown jacket.

    Ever since Jim and his brother started working for the devil (a couple of years) they could never remember their past - parents, family, friends, home, pets etc.

    Video Audition:

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