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    Name: Flynn Hawkins
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Date of Birth: 16th of June
    Race: Human.
    Occupation: 'half-evil' - he's unsure of his position, he doesn't like working for the devil.
    Residence: Hell
    Desire: To leave 'hell', he hates working for Rasputin. To be rid of evil.
    Fear: Losing his brother.

    Representation of your Roleplay Character:
    Non/Disney: Flynn Rider from Tangled

    Best at fighting - defense, attack, killing, stealing etc. Good at talking - making friends & distracting victims

    Is obnoxious - which can lead him into making the wrong decisions

    He's outgoing, funny & has an attractive personality - people are drawn to him, he makes friends easily (despite being evil XD) Strongly dislikes goody-too-shoes, spoilt and stubborn people. Likes stealing, annoying people and exploring.

    He has brown hair and brown eyes, attractive, tall, athletic build, goatee. Is often seen wearing white shirt with blue vest over the top, brown pants and boots.

    Ever since Flynn and Jim started working for the devil (a couple of years) they could never remember their past - parents, family, friends, home, pets etc.

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