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    Lord of the underworld| Rasputin


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    Lord of the underworld| Rasputin Empty Lord of the underworld| Rasputin

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    Name: Rasputin
    Sex: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Date of Birth: 666
    Race: Devil
    Occupation: Good EVIL
    Residence: The underworld
    Desire: To end all peace there is and kill both of the twins
    Fear: His 'children' to turn on him

    Representation of your Roleplay Character:
    Rasputin from Anastasha

    Power over the undead, making deals with people turning them over to his side, whipping out memories. Changes his appearance, so no one but his helpers knows his true form

    None so far


    I'm ugly XD

    This section should include any key details about the characters past.

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